How to Import CUCM Users to Unity Connection Using AXL Integration

By | August 13, 2017

We have been taking about Cisco Unity Connection administration guides. In my last article we have seen Installation of subscriber node to Unity Cluster. Voice mailbox users can be created in Cisco Unity Connection via three different methods such as Local Users, LDAP integrated Users, CUCM Users via AXL integration.

The first two options are available in CUCM as well, whereas the third option is only available in CUC. Users imported from CUCM are known as Administrative XML (AXL) imported users.

Cisco Unity Connection LDAP integration is pretty similar to CUCM LDAP integration.
In this article we gonna talk about Cisco Unity Connection AXL Integration with CUCM and import CUCM users to unity connection.

import cucm users to unity connection using axl

CUCM Side Configurations

There are few prerequisites at Cisco Call Manager side to make it ready for AXL integration.

Step 1: Activate Cisco AXL Web Service

Go to Cisco Unified Service Ability >> Tools >> Service Activation >> Select a Node, and then,
Activate Cisco AXL Web Service.
cisco axl web service cucm
Note: If it is already activated, go proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Add an Application User with AXL API Access Role

Go to User Management >> User Settings >> Access Control Group >> Add New
add access control group in cucm

Provide a name (e.g. CUC_AXL_ACG) and Save
cucm access control group configuration

Move over to Related Links and select Assign Role to Access Control Group >> Go
add role to cucm access control group

Add Standard AXL API Access Role and Save.
axl api access role cucm

Now, select User Management >> Application User >> Add New
configure application user in cucm

Set a user name (e.g. cucaxladmin) and password for Application user
add application user in cucm

Under Permissions Information, configure the newly created Access Control Group (CUC_AXL_ACG), then Save
permissions information application user cucm

Step 3: Prepare CUCM End User for CUC AXL Import

Say for example, I have a local CUCM End User called ‘diana.lopez’ as shown below.
local cucm end user

I would like to import this user to Cisco Unity Connection. To do this, Controlled Devices and Primary Extension are mandatory for the CUCM End Users.

Now select the end user in CUCM, assign a device (IP Phone/ Jabber CSF/ etc.) to the user and set a primary extension as shown in below figure.
primary extension for cucm end user
>> Save

Cisco Unity Connection Side Configurations

Assume that CUCM and Cisco Unity Connection Server are integrated already via SIP or SCCP.
You may refer the following configurations guides,

Step 4: Add Cisco Unified Communications Manager AXL Servers

Navigate to Telephony Integration >> Phone System >> and Select the Phone System.
cisco unity phone system

Go to Edit >> Cisco Unified Communications Manager AXL Servers
cisco unified communications manager axl servers

>> Click Add New

Enter the CUCM Node IP Address where AXL Web Service is Activated (Step 1) and AXL port number 8443
Provide User Name (cucaxladmin) and password foe the application user created in Step2.

Now click Test button.
cisco unified communications manager axl server configuration in cuc
If everything is good, you should get the message “Test message successfully sent to AXL server :8443″
Go ahead and click Save.

Step 4: Import CUCM Users to Unity Connection

Now we are ready to import CUCM end users to Cisco Unity Connection.
Navigate to Users >> Import Uses >>
Enter a search query and click Find.
import users to cisco unity connection from cucm

Then we can choose voicemail template and import the user to CUC!

You check the user by going to Users >> Users
cucm axl imported user in cuc

Note: CUCM imported users will be displayed as “This user is integrated with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager end user. Some fields may be disabled.

CLI Command to Verify AXL Imported User in Cisco Unity Connection

In order to identify the list of CUCM AXL imported users, enter the following command in the Unity Connection CLI:

list axl user cli command

vw_subscriber” contains all users that have a voicemail subscription. It includes the user information and the associated voicemail information such as firstname, lastname, alias and emailaddress.

Ccmidtype” represents the type of user.

  • 0 – CCM Enduser, also known as AXL Imported
  • 3 – LDAP User
  • 4 – Inactive LDAP User; for example, marked inactive in CCMdatabase

Cool! We have successfully completed the AXl Integration between Cisco Unity Connection add Cisco Unified Communications Manager. In my next article, I will come-up with some new Unity Guides. Please share the article and like our Facebook page to get latest updates. Feel free to ask your doubts/ suggestions via the below comment box.

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