How to Install Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber – Configuration Validation Failed [Solved]

By | August 7, 2017

Hi there, we have been working with Cisco Unified Communications Manager configurations guide line. I’m gonna introduce Cisco Unity Connection articles here and take you to the Cisco Unity Connection expert series, as a kick start, we have covered Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox configuration in previous article.

Well, we already aware about how to deploy CUCM Subscriber nodes to an existing cluster. By the way, how to install Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber? How many nodes can be possible in Cisco Unity Connection Cluster? Let’s take a look at Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber installation.

Have you ever come across “Configuration validation failed” or “Configuration validation with Publisher failed Unity Connection” error? It happens when you try to install a Subscriber node to CUC Cluster.

By the way what is the maximum number of nodes in Cisco Unity Connection? It is 2…! One Publisher and one Subscriber. They both work as load balancing mode.

install cisco unity connection subscriber

Installing of CUC Publisher is pretty straight forward and it is just like CUCM installation. Below are the steps to install Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber node.

Step 1: Configure Subscriber Node in the Cisco Unity Connection PUB

Go to Cisco Unity Connection Administration page, >> System Settings >> Cluster >> Add New
adding subscriber node to cisco unity connection cluster

Enter the Hostname/ IP Address & Description.
cisco unity connection subscriber installation
Go ahead and click Save.

Verify you have two entries in the Cluster configuration.
cisco unity cunnection cluster nodes

Step 2: Start Installing Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber

Now we can start installing CUC SUB, when it ask for “Is it first node in the cluster?” Click No and enter the PUBLISHER details in the next window.

Note: I’m not giving the complete screenshot of Cisco Unity Connection Installation, it is just like any other UC Installation. Hope you can proceed further. Please let me know if you face any challenges.

[Solved] Configuration Validation Failed

How to troubleshoot the error “Configuration validation with Publisher failed Unity Connection” or “Configuration Validation Failed”. You might ended-up with below error while installing Cisco Unity Connection Subscriber server.
cisco unity connection configuration validation failed

Cisco Unity Subscriber Server entry not added in the Cluster configuration of Cisco Unity Connection.

Go to Cisco Unity Connection Administration page, >> System Settings >> Cluster >> Add Subscriber details. [Step 1]

That is all about the CUC SUBscriber  installation and troubleshooting, was this helpful to you? Please provide your feedback via the comment box and like our facebook page to get latest updates.

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