[Solved] How to Patch UCCX Demo License for Unlimited Usage

By | September 21, 2017

Hey there, I would like to start Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) article series. UCCX is a Cisco Contact Center Software designed for small / medium level customers. Large enterprise and partner’s uses UCCE as their contact center software solutions.
This would be the second article after a long break in the Cisco Call Center Software category. UCCX is also called as Cisco IPCC (IP-Contact Center). Here we are gonna patch UCCX Demo License for lab permanent usage.

I hope you are aware about how to install Cisco UCCX in lab environment, it is pretty straightforward as any other UC deployments.
The main challenge in the lab scenario is the license, you will never get a permanent demo license.

During the installation we can use 60 day demo license. But here I have a workaround to make the demo as permanent unlimited license! Yes, you can do it if you have UCCX root access. I have experienced “UCCX demo license expired” issue in the middle of labs, it is really frustrating!

patch uccx demo license for unlimited usage

Once you install UCCX with demo license, the below message will pop-up every single time you login.
License Warning: Some/All of Temporary/Invalid License expires in 60day(s).Please refer to License Display page for more information.
uccx demo license warning
Come, let’s patch the UCCX demo license for unlimited days.

[Note: This is only for lab experiments, do not try this at any production system, we are not responsible for any consequences happened due to this article.]

Tools Required


We are going to perform this tweak only on UCCX PUB. You can leave UCCX SUB as it is.

Step 1: Edit UCCX NodeConfig. Root File

Login to UCCX via WinSCP using root account. Then navigate to


There will be an XML file with some random number. Take a backup copy of that file to your local PC to be safe.
Now right click on the file > Edit
uccx nodeconfig

Look for ns1:blobValue, Change the last 16 characters in the block to 0 (zero).
edit uccx nodeconfig for permanent demo license
>> Save

Edit UCCX LicenseMac.sh Root File for UCCX Demo License

Using WinSCP move over to, /usr/local/bin/base_scripts
Right click on LicenseMac.sh and Edit
uccx licensemacsh root file

Search for below string,

And change the value as shown below.

edit uccx licensemac sh to permanent
>> Save

Step 3: Restart UCCX Server

Login to UCCX CLI using normal credentials (OS Admin), then issue the command,
utils system restart and proceed.
restart uccx server

This will take 20 – 30 minutes, sit back and relax.
Once it back, try login to UCCX web GUI and see the change. Wow! The License expiry warning has been totally gone!

patching uccx demo license for unlimited usage

We have successfully patched the UCCX Demo License for permanent usage. No license expire warning anymore.
Hope this article helps, please share your feeback and comments over here in the comment box. You may check my previous article about UCCX Web GUI issue here. Like our facebook page to get updated UC articles. In my next article we will cover some basics of UCCX.

One thought on “[Solved] How to Patch UCCX Demo License for Unlimited Usage

  1. Vathsan

    Great document. However, I ran into an issue. This UCCX is running on VM workstation along with CUCM and DNS.

    After getting root access and modifying the files, I can no longer get the web GUI.

    Chrome: Error: This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond
    IE: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    (as soon as I restore from backup, then all ok)

    any suggestions? has anyone ran into similar issues?



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